Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Welcome to Yelapa!


Puerto Vallarta Beaches offers some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Mexico. It is not only a tourist attraction but is also home to many resorts and lovely little restaurants. It has long been a popular vacation spot for families but in recent times has become popular with young adults. Many young adults visit this area of Mexico on a regular basis. It is one of the most romantic and affordable vacation spots in all of Mexico.

In 2021, Travelocity named it as one of the top five “must visit” destinations in the world. It has an easy access from the Mexico international Airport and is just a short boat ride away from Puerto Vallarta by car or bus. It is a lush oasis, offering pristine beaches, hidden coves, and even deep red water lapping on the golden sand. Most travelers will tell you that there is more to Puerto Vallarta Beaches than just great beaches and beautiful landscapes.


The best beaches in Puerto Vallarta | Official Tourism Guide



Beautiful Yelapa Is a Must Visit!



The best way to enjoy the beautiful beaches and wild blue oceans is to take a day trip to Yelapa. It is much more convenient to travel from your hotel to your resort rather than driving all over the place trying to find a parking spot. Even though there is very little to see on the way to the beaches, taking a day trip is still a fun and refreshing way to spend a day. Many travelers take advantage of the day trips offered by many of the traveling companies that fly into Yela Puerto Vallarta as well as others all over Mexico. A day trip is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Mexico while still keeping it accessible.

If you are looking for a different kind of vacation than what you might be used to, consider taking a day trip to the fishing village of Yelapa. There are many different types of fishing villages located around the town of Yelapa. You will be able to choose the type of fishing you would like to do and the fishing boat that you want to use. This allows you to get out in the fresh waters and catch some fish. Many travelers love the experience of fishing and catching fish in this part of Mexico.



Yelapa A Majestic Town South of Puerto Vallarta



Yelapa Restaurants and Shopping


If you are looking for a place to eat and do some shopping while you are in Yelapa, you will find plenty of great places to do both. The shopping in the area is second to none and includes items such as art galleries and antique shops. There are also plenty of local restaurants that offer special menus full of Mexican delicacies. Some of these restaurants are located right on the white sand beaches of Yelapa while other restaurants are located downtown in the more traditional Mexican style.



    While you are in Yelapa Mexico, you will also want to make sure to take a hike through the many beaches that are located nearby. Many travelers choose to hike the old trail which goes through Punta Sal, but you can also take a shorter hike that will still allow you to see the beautiful scenery of the area. The trails that are closest to the town of Yelapa will include the La Jolla Cove Trail, the Santa Barbara Trail, and the Pacific Coast Trail. All of these trails offer spectacular views of the ocean and a wonderful hiking adventure. No matter why you are hiking through the crystal clear waters of Mexico, you will find the perfect hiking spot and a great place to stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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