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You might be here because you recently had an epiphany, at the same time trying to wrap your head around the idea of Airbnb Puerto Vallarta vs All-inclusive Hotels. Well, yeah most people think of an all inclusive hotel being a more luxurious vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

I disagree, everyone has their own idea of a relaxing vacation, as you begin to fall in love with the city you’ll soon think about experiencing Puerto Vallarta Mexico a different way.

Getting an Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta might be the way to go. Enjoying the city freely by picking an Airbnb rental in the romantic zone will surely give you a different taste of the city.

Okay, maybe the idea of an all inclusive-all you can eat restaurant does sound enticing , personally I never find myself staying at the hotel all day–I mean have you seen all the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta? Too many delicious places to choose from all over the city, from Playa Los Muertos to The Marina amazing restaurants are everywhere.


Ocean Front Villa, 2 Pools, Chef, Beach, Staffed - Villas for Rent in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico



Ocean and Panoramic Views

I can tell you one thing, depending on the hotel you choose, having panoramic views, ocean views, or to put it simple stunning views will be a little bit more difficult to find compared to the amount of Airbnb rentals that offer that.

Why? I think it’s because there are so many spectacular areas in Puerto Vallarta and Vallarta Airbnb rentals are scattered in all prime location areas of Puerto Vallarta. Some of the places with these views are located in areas with no hotels near by, and trust me when I say that in Banderas Bay finding a gorgeous condo with breathtaking views is not that hard to find.

There are many choices when it comes to Airbnb Puerto Vallarta. I have had the experience of renting both, in locations with nice views, and some where maybe we did not have an ocean view, still a nice view of the mountains but the location was in the center of Los Muertos.

Both places where amazing, but the one with the beautiful mountain view was waling distance to many of my favorite places–especially some bars, coffee shops, and restaurants that my wife and I really enjoyed.


 Puerto Vallarta Luxury Villas & Vacation Rentals | Airbnb Luxe | Luxury Retreats


Beach house Life

Looking for beachfront properties in Puerto Vallarta? Just imagine being able to hang out on the beach under beautiful palm trees in beautifully designed house that is yours for a few days. Sounds expensive? Well, it can get a little bit pricier, however, considering the amount you’ll spend to stay at resort it kind of evens itself out, plus the experience is like no other.

If you decide to try an Airbnb Puerto Vallarta and stay in a condo, many of them have rooftop terraces with swimming pools on the roof that have the most amazing sunset views.


Traditional Open Air Style Apartment with Terrace - Condominiums for Rent in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


If cooking is seen as a downfall, don’t worry almost every Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta have fully equipped kitchens where you can cook, hire a chef, but more than likely discover the delicious culinary culture of the beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

I can try to continue to convince you about vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta, and bottom line it is something you have to try out. If I stay there for a week I like to bounce around by staying a few nights in one side of the city and trying other hot spots like Sayulita for the the remaining days, its just feels like you get more freedom! 

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