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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate comprises of some of Mexico’s most beautiful and picturesque cities like Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Marbella, Ensenada and many others. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is also the first member of MLS-Vallasa, also called Multi-List Vallarta (Multiple Listing Service). Puerto Vallarta Real Estate has been in existence since nineteen eighty-six, when it was first listed on the MLS of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is still a part of Multi-List Vallarta.

My First Year Living In Puerto Vallarta - We Love PV

The good thing about Puerto Vallarta real estate is that there is a ton of new development happening and  you can get a property even before its completion. It is also cheaper than that of other cities in Mexico like Acapulco.  

First, we have Puerto Vallarta condos for sale. There are many types of Puerto Vallarta condos for sale and all the options are open for you. You can choose from condominiums with or without private beaches. In addition to that, you can also choose between ones that come with pools and those that don’t. All these options open a lot of choices to you in terms of what to buy.

Now, let’s talk about Mexico real estate. If you want to own a private island in Mexico but don’t want to be limited by real estate laws, you should consider buying a house in Puerto Vallarta. You can use it as a second home if you want to or just live there part-time and enjoy the Puerto Vallarta real estate for what it is: a beautiful land. As you know, real estate in Mexico is usually very expensive. If you do not have enough money to buy your own house, you can opt for renting a house in Puerto Vallarta real estate.

You don’t need much when you are looking to rent a house in Puerto Vallarta real estate. Just make sure that you keep the property in perfect condition for the first year or so before you plan on selling it. Once you have a steady income, you can upgrade your house or buy a bigger house. This will save you a lot of money.

If you really like staying in Puerto Vallarta but can’t afford to buy your own house, you can rent condos. There are many condos in Puerto Vallarta real estate for you to choose from and all of them come with beautiful views of nature. These condos are available for lease in different price ranges. With the current economic crisis, the demand for Puerto Vallarta condos is very high and there are plenty of condos for rent. You should get in touch with an experienced real estate agent who will help you find a condo that suits your budget and meets your requirements as far as retirement home is concerned.


They Followed the Sun to a New Life in Puerto Vallarta - Expats In Mexico

Sixty-five is the new forty? That’s what they say on social media, and since it is on social media it should be true right? Moving to Puerto Vallarta or any other country sounds like a wonderful idea for older folks, and that is one reason why many want to buy a home in Puerto Vallarta, or rent a home. Now, lets think that the initial statement is true. Well, is it possible that working from abroad can become popular amongst younger people? What if a sixty five your old person can also take advantage of this all while living the ultimate dream and living in Puerto Vallarta! 

Today many companies are hiring remote workers. Some remote jobs are paying big bucks for you to spend a few hours of the day working in front of you computer while you sip on some agua fresca and enjoy the beautiful views of Banderas Bay. Sounds amazing and it is possible. I was having a conversation with a family that is actually looking to move to Puerto Vallarta and buy a home or condo. They were seemed confident on the idea, and