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Welcome to Las Caletas Beach.


Las Caletas lies on the Pacific Ocean just east of Puerto Vallarta. Las Caletas offers visitors spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding mountains and is popular with families and couples alike. You can enjoy a peaceful, scenic vacation while visiting one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. Visit Las Caletas on a Mexican holiday, and discover paradise found – Las Caletas Beach in Mexico.


Las Caletas Beach 2021 - Puerto Vallarta

Las Caletas lies on the western shore of the Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It has a white sandy beach that is easy to access from the main tourist thoroughfares. There are also some excellent facilities and amenities at the beach such as restaurants, shops, and accommodation. A variety of water sports can be enjoyed on the beach. You can kayak down the rocky coastline, jet ski, or simply bask in the warm sun all day long. You can also go deep sea fishing, wake boarding or surfing.

There is a wide variety of hotels and resorts that offer facilities and amenities to make your stay at Las Caletas even more enjoyable. Las Caletas also has a large variety of private beaches that are equally popular with tourists and locals alike. The beach at Las Caletas offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for families. You can choose to stay at one of the over one hundred and sixty-five private beaches that is highly maintained and safe for swimming and wading.


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You will also want to check out the Sea Caves that are found here. These caves house sea anemones and other animals that are indigenous to the area. Tourists often go to Las Caletas to swim in the sea and have a good time with their friends and family. Some people also like to fish in these creeks and there are many fishing spots available for tourists as well.

Las Caletas PV is a great place to take a vacation for any type of traveler. The weather is wonderful year round and the beach is one of the nicest places on earth. There is plenty of local entertainment to keep people occupied during your stay. Many people who choose Las Caletas for a vacation also choose to purchase a home in this area. They find that it is a nice place to raise a family because it is close to the beach and it is safe and secure