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Welcome to Playa Las Gemelas 


Playa Las Gemelas Beach is a hidden gem in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It is a beautiful beach that is a perfect getaway in the middle of this busy city. There are many different activities that you can participate in while staying at this beautiful resort and town. Let me share with you some of the wonderful experiences that I have had by renting a villa in Playa Las Gemelas.


Playa Las Gemelas Beach




Playa Las Gemelas Beach has everything that your heart desires to do on a beautiful white sandy beach. Playa Las Gemelas Beach is located in a very remote area, which makes it private and exclusive. When you rent a villa in Playa Las Gemelas Beach, you will be able to go swimming when you want to without having to worry about other tourists. You will not have to pay for drinks and lunches at the restaurants during your vacation. Renting a villa in Playa Las Gemelas Beach allows you to enjoy these benefits all at your own pace.

One of the amazing experiences that you can take advantage of while staying at a villa in Playa Las Gemelas is to watch the local fishermen when they return from their daily fishing excursions. The fishing excursion allows you to witness the beauty and grace of the fishermen bringing home their catch. It is truly an amazing experience to watch a few local fisherman as they prepare their catch in their small boats.




Beautiful Las Gemelas Beach


Another wonderful attraction you will enjoy in Playa Las Gemelas Beach is the shopping mall. You will find several large malls in Puerto Vallarta that are open every day and supply items for your complete shopping experience. You can also buy flowers, souvenirs, and books at one of the many bookstores located in the area. There are also many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that offer delicious Mexican food for dinner or lunch. Other than offering excellent meals and snacks, you will also enjoy other things to do in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is also known as the “Bay of Clubs” because of the many beautiful hotels you will find here. Many of the hotels cater to the upper class travelers who stay in the area. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the bay and local beaches while staying at a hotel in Puerto Vallarta. You will enjoy live music, beautiful sights at night, and delicious street food during your stay in the area.


Playas Gemelas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Playa Las Gemelas Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta and it has a great view of the bay. It is also a great place to relax on a day off from surfing or scuba diving. There are also several other beaches in Playa Grande. Each one is a little different so check them out for your next vacation.